An Overview on Genome Editing In Polyploids | Combination of Latest Research Papers

Genome editing has revolutionized the field of genetics, providing scientists with unprecedented tools to modify DNA sequences with precision. While the majority of research has focused on diploid organisms, the significance of genome editing in polyploids is an emerging frontier that holds immense promise. Polyploidy, the condition of having multiple sets of chromosomes, is widespread […]

An Overview on Polyploids and Polyploidy | Basic of Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology

Biotechnology beginners are more confused about polyploids and polyploidy than anything. This article is prepared to help them understand everything about the topic. In the intricate mosaic of life, one biological phenomenon stands out as a testament to the ceaseless innovation of nature—polyploidy. From the lush landscapes of plant ecosystems to the microscopic realms of […]

Virus Induced Plant Genome Editing [A Complete Step By Step Guide For Beginners]

As a cutting-edge tool, virus induced plant genome editing is unlocking new possibilities for sustainable agriculture and addressing the challenges posed by changing environmental conditions. In the ever-evolving realm of genetic engineering, scientists have discovered a fascinating ally in the battle to enhance crop traits and develop resilient plant varieties—virus-induced plant genome editing. This innovative […]

Process of Agrobacterium Mediated Gene Transformation In Plants [Step By Step Guide]

For students, a details note on Agrobacterium Mediated Gene Transformation In Plants been prepared by the postgraduate research student Md Habibul Islam Safin from the University of Greenwich, School of Biotechnology. Agrobacterium Mediated Gene Transformation In Plants In the world of agriculture, Agrobacterium Mediated Gene Transformation In Plants is one of the ground breaking method […]

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